LFF launches the new logo

This Monday, August 31st, Lithuanian Football Federation presented a product of a long relationship between LFF and UEFA ­– the brand new LFF logo.

“Over the last few years there were lots of positive changes inside the federation, as our aim is to become a modern organization. Current LFF logo was presented back in 2009, so it is obvious that the time has come for a change and we had to update the logo, working back-to-back with UEFA Grow program we started to develop new plans on improving the federation and one of them was to update an image of our brand”, E. Stankevicius, Secretary General of LFF, shared his thoughts.

Logo creators – specialists from Great Britain.

Logo was created by British creative agency called “Frame”. Creators pointed out that due to LFF mission, which is to develop and promote football and in order to do that efficiently, there has to be a strong base. In the logo a shield means firmness, as well as it is a symbol of Lithuania. To make logo easy to recognize and linked with football federation, new logo contains traditional football and LFF initials, reflecting the fact that federation is the main governing body of football so it is placed on the top of the logo. Emphasizing the fact, that LFF is a national organization, above the shield there is the flag of Lithuania, which adds more accents of nationalism that will make logo recognizable on the international level.

“The new visual identity of the Lithuanian Football Federation is the result of a robust process, that has been applied in other European markets but that was still truly bespoke to the Lithuanian context. We have started with independent research with the Lithuanian population, which showed that football fans and the general population would like the LFF’s logo to have a more modern look & feel.

Considering the previous logo had been in place since 2009, people felt this a bit antique and does not represent that the LFF and Lithuanian football have evolved significantly in the last years. Therefore the aim of the rebranding was to demonstrate the same level of professionalism, progressiveness and competence of the LFF also in its new visual identity. At the same time, we have learned that the national team is linked with different values, and therefore needed its own identity. Both new visual identities incorporate the heritage and traditions, but feature a fresh & modern approach in line with the feedback from the research.

The creative development process was facilitated through the UEFA Grow programme and involved the collaboration with international brand experts as well as a creative agency that UEFA has worked with on other high-profile projects before. However, it is crucial to point out that the LFF guided the creative development and brought in relevant input & feedback throughout the process. We provided the framework, expertise and resources to develop the new identity, but the original, creative thinking really came from the LFF and all the staff that were involved in this process. The entire brand development process (as well as other projects UEFA Grow have supported in the past) showed that the LFF are indeed modern and forward-thinking and that they are passionate about growing football in Lithuania!” – M.Ruess the National Associations Business Development Coordinator in UEFA.

LFF President Tomas Danilevicius was glad with this collaboration between the LFF and UEFA. “We are happy to present an updated LFF logo. In this process the contribution of UEFA Grow program was very important, such as consulting and financial support. Since the day one we received a strong support and contribution along with active participation in the whole process. Experience of colleagues from UEFA both with our ideas helped to reach results that suit all of us.” mentioned T. Danilevicius.


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